Work From Home


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m JD Schrock from Berlin, Ohio. I’ll give you some more information about myself later but I’m sure your more interested in our topic, working from home. So I’ll jump right to it.


I’ve been working out of my home full-time since early 2011. Doing so, is for the most part, fun and exciting, however there are some challenges as well. Here’s a short list of why I like to run my own business and work from home.

  • I get to set my own hours. If I want to take a day off, all I have to do is ask the boss (that would be me). My boss is so thoughtful and understanding. Every time I ask him for a day off he says “yes”. This “freedom” allows me to weave personal time into my schedule. Of course, with this freedom, one has to be careful because “taking care of business” is quite important. Nevertheless, just “knowing” that you can make your own schedule and take off whenever you like is pretty nice!
  • My work is fun! Yes, it certainly has its moments, but I get to do what I enjoy doing. It drives me crazy to think that millions of people are grinding out their lives working at jobs that they don’t like.
  • I run into new opportunities all the time and can choose which ones I want to pursue. The upside financial possibilities are almost unlimited based on my skills and the effort I am willing to expend. I’m not limited by the normal 9-5.
  • My overhead is almost non-existent. I can operate and grow my business with no expensive overhead or capital investment. Staying out of debt is freedom. It lets me run my business instead of my business running me.

What We Do

The internet and digitally connected world have opened up unbelievable possibilities for almost anyone to work from home. I would not be able to do what I do without it. Rather than delve into all the specifics of what I do, I’ll give you an update of what our team has accomplished.

It all started in January of 2011 with a new blog, with zero traffic, called Amish Leben. It’s about life in Amish country, Leben being a German word meaning “life”. This small beginning has grown into a comprehensive media structure including eight websites for Amish Country, two Facebook pages, a beautiful print publication, and our latest endeavor, an e-commerce site. Developing these digital and print assets has enabled us to create multiple revenue streams, some of them being highly automated. It would take me quite a while to explain the history of all this and how we got here but you can learn a lot about what we have done by following the links posted here:

Amish Leben Website
Amish Leben Facebook Page
Amish Leben Favorites Collection (print publication)

Things to do in Amish Country
Ohio Amish Country Website
Ohio Amish Country Facebook Page

Early in the process of developing these sites, some of the businesses that advertise with us asked us to help them with their web sites, so we started a new business, ComboMark, where we help other businesses with their digital technology and marketing. This business was started with ZERO capital investment. All the tools we needed to start a new revenue stream were already in place.

From Here

If you’re interested in working from home you may want to participate in a simple project we are doing. CLICK HERE to learn more.